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Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome , a medical condition that is unique and iatrogenic to ovarian stimulation in infertility treatment. Symptoms are due to

Ovarian enlargement causing intravascular fluid depletion and accumulation of extracellular fluid in its most severe form can be life threatening.

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The topmost is stringent monitoring of ovulation induction

Special mention to E2 levels. If E2 levels are greater than or equal to 6500 pg/ml the physician should cancel the cycle and withhold the trigger shot of HCG and similarly opt for coasting in which gonado tropin stimulation is withheld and E2 levels are checked daily and trigger is then given when E2 levels fall below 3000 pg/mL.

Stimulation protocols can be modified for high risk factors eg. PCO patients, patients with prior H/O OHSS etc. Lower initial CoH of gonadotropins & GnRH antagonists used for prevention of LH surge

Another measures include adjunctive use of metformin (decreases rates of OHSS in PCO patients) , use of cabergoline to inhibit VEGF production in a dose of 0.5mg daily following oocyte retreival for 7to 8 days.

Choice of luteal support .-Progesterone is beneficial than HCG.

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Choice of luteal support .-Progesterone is beneficial than HCG.

GnRH agonist trigger instead of HCG , possible only in antagonist cycles.

Freezing of all oocytes/embryos thereby post poning transfer to subsequent cycle.

Aspiration of follicles leads to decrease in hormonal levels, but is not completely preventive.

Use of albumin at the time of oocyte retrieval has been shown to be beneficial in pts at high risk of OHSS

Another technique completely obviates the need to stimulate the ovaries is IVM in which following HCG trigger, immature follicles are aspirated and grown in vitro till mature , but further trials are needed for evaluation.

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